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Royalton Township offers a nature trail for the community to enjoy. A parking area is provided at the starting point off Bacon School Road, just North of Fox Ridge. From there you can walk through the scenic path that winds all the way down to the river. The trail is open all year during daylight hours. This rolling natural area provides access to a variety of features, offers outstanding wetland habitats, trees and vegetation with a spectacular mix of wildflowers.










Originally built in 1864, the Tryon School is located at 912 E. John Beers Road, St. Joseph, Michigan, and is also available for rental.  The old one-room school house was completely restored in 2000, and is heated and air conditioned.  It has a maximum capacity of 75 people, and is accessible for the disabled.

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Kitchen area inside Tryon Community Center








Those with an ongoing, yearly reservation can reserve the SAME DAY up to a year in advance, as long as they keep the same day as the previous year.  (example - the last Saturday in July must be kept as the last Saturday in July for the following year)  If a calendar year has one less Saturday or Sunday than the previous year, the ongoing reservation must then be for the closet day available the following year.  If a person with a 'standing' reservation wishes to change their date, they must wait until the first business day in February to make their reservation.  All yearly reservations MUST be paid by the last business day in January or that date will become available to anyone to reserve on the following business day.


The first business day in February will be the new date anyone can make a one time park reservation, and must be made in person. 


All park reservation fees are non-refundable.  The first business day in March is the first day anyone can reserve more than one date for the park.



The Royalton Township Bicentennial Park is located at the NE corner of John Beers Road and Scottdale Road.  






 Interior of Tryon Community Center
























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