The Royalton Township maintains the following cemeteries:

•    Spring Run Cemetery which is on the south side of M-139 behind the First Methodist Church
•    The Spring Run Annex which is located on the north side of M-139 across from the First Methodist Church




Rules for the Sale of lots of burial spaces in Spring Run Cemetery -


All cemetery lots or burial spaces shall be sold to residents of the township or non residents for the purpose of the burial of such purchaser or his or her heirs at law or next of kin.


Burial rights may only be transferred to those persons eligible to be original purchasers of cemetery lots or burial spaces within the township and may be affected only by endorsement of an assignment of such burial permit upon the original burial permit form issued by the township clerk, approved by the township clerk and entered into the official records of the township clerk.


The township will repurchase any cemetery lots of burial space from the owner for the original price paid the township upon written request of said owner or his legal heirs or representatives.










                                                  Royalton Township Columbarium


Spring Run Cemetery Rates









Open/Close - Resident



Open/Close - Non-Resident



Open/Close - Resident



Open/Close - Non-Resident



Weekend & Holiday Extra (out by noon)




Top Row – Resident



Top Row- Non-Resident



Middle Row – Resident



Middle Row – Non-Resident



Bottom Row – Resident



Bottom Row – Non-Resident


Resident rate incl. 1 open/close, 2nd is $50 + incl. name plate given for engraving at the resident’s expense


Non-Resident rate incl. 1 open/close, 2nd is $75 + incl. name plate given for engraving at the non-resident’s expense





  * Foundation Costs -  0.45 cents per square inch


  * Cemetery Clean ups – Last Monday of March &

     Last Monday of October


     Please remove any decorations you wish to       

     keep before those dates


   * Deceased had to have been a resident at time

     of death in order to get open/closing at Twp rate.




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