Are you starting to plan for a home improvement project or to perform some work that involves construction activity? Before conducting any work it is always appropriate to check with the Department of Building Safety to discuss the details associated with your project, including permit applications that may be necessary. A building permit application is a legal document and is usually required for all new buildings, additions, pools, sheds or accessory buildings, fences, decks, or any construction involving alterations, conversions or framing. An approved building permit application ensures that the proposed construction project meets minimum safety standards and allows code officials to protect the public by reducing potential hazards. Many insurance companies will not cover damage involving work performed without proper permits and inspections. Checking with the Department of Building Safety before starting any project can reduce the chance of having costly complications.

A building project is a major investment and all property owners should plan out all details to provide a safe and rewarding accomplishment. Any property owner who intends to perform their own construction work are responsible to provide compliance of all building code requirements. Contractors offering to do residential work must be licensed by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, Bureau of Construction Codes. You should always ask to see the license before agreeing to any construction project. The license indicates that the holder has met the requirements for that trade. After an agreement has been made always ask for a copy of the approved building permit, and keep it on file with all your property records. Working with an unlicensed builder or performing work without proper permits and/or inspections is done at the property owner’s risk. The Department of Building Safety is available to assist you with every detail of your project.

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