About Royalton Township

When John Pike moved down the river from Berrien Springs in 1832, he became the first settler in what was to become Royalton Township.  Jehiel Enos soon followed to survey the land which the Indians had just ceded to the United States government.  Until 1868, Royalton Township included portions of Lincoln, Sodus, and St. Joseph Townships.

Royalton Township was officially organized in 1835.  The first log school house was erected in approximately 1840.  Three years later a post office was established to Royalton's 280 residents.  Over the next 150 years the Township experienced a gradual growth, but remained predominately agricultural.  The rich soil in the Township made it ideal for the growing of grapes.

In recent years, Royalton Township has become known as a prime residential area.  Industry and commercial development has also found the Township to be an advantageous location.  More recently, Lakeland Regional Health Center selected Royalton Township as the site for a major expansion of its medical facility.  This diversity of activity within the Township marks its attractiveness as a place in which to live and to work.


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